Florida 11 @ The Lost Highway

Photo taken by Costa (2003)

Florida 11 sees three sections of old Florida 11 on the stretch between U.S. 17 at Deland to Florida 40 north of De Leon Springs. Two of the three stretches are dead ends, the third constituting a small loop. All three highways are designated the Old Perkins Highway. Florida 11 itself is named the Perkins Highway.

Deland Section
Looking northward at the southernmost section of the Old Perkins Highway. This segment ends just before a field and most likely continue through at one point in time. Departing to the right is Stoudenmire Road. This segment exists between Carter Road and Spring Garden Avenue (Volusia County 15A) in Deland to the east of Florida 11. Photo taken by Costa.
Southward view of Stoudenmire Road as it merges with Old Perkins Highway. The old pavement from the right is visible as the stub in the above photograph. Continuing south, the newer pavement proceeds to current Florida 11. Photo taken by Costa.
The intersection of Old Florida 11 southbound with new Florida 11 in Deland. Photo taken by Costa.
De Leon Springs Section
Florida 11 northbound as it rounds the bend toward the northern segment of the Old Perkins Highway near the intersection with Blackwelder Road. This area was bypassed because of the small residential area visible to the right. Photo taken by Costa.
Northbound on old Florida 11 (Old Perkins Highway) with the new Florida 11 traveling to the west. A local residential street ties in from the right. This roadway is most likely a discontinuous segment of Blackwelder Road. Photo taken by Costa.
Old Florida 11 merges onto new Florida 11 at the depicted intersection. The pavement itself is in a bad state of decay due to lack of maintenance. To the right the grassy area represents the alignment path of the old roadway onto the new alignment. Photo taken by Costa.

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