Lost Highway Links

Arizona's Vintage Roads (Cary B. Todd)

From freeways to back roads, from historic buildings and remains of settlements to abandoned sections of roadway, Arizona's roads are full of history. The following site includes historic pictures of Arizona highways and associated buildings and sites.

Never Built Missouri 755 - Saint Louis, Missouri (Ben Prusia) (Page temporarily down)

Once a planned freeway loop around the west side of the central business district of Saint Louis, Missouri 755 (proposed Interstate 755) was never constructed as a freeway. What did come into existence are two sets of ramps from existing interstates into neighborhood streets. This page takes a look at the roadways.

U.S. Highway 460 - Saint Louis, Missouri (Ben Prusia) (Page temporarily down)

A stellar look at the former U.S. 460 roadway into the city from Illinois. Photographs included portions of the former cloverleaf ramp that once took an elevated U.S. 460 to its downtown terminus. Also depicted are photographs of the now closed U.S. 460 bridge over the Mississippi River.

Old NY 104 - Ridge Road in Wolcott and Sodus, New York (Doug Kerr)

The Roads of Yore - Old NY 3 - Hannibal, New York (Doug Kerr)

Blenheim Covered Bridge, New York (Doug Kerr)

Newfield Covered Bridge, New York (Doug Kerr)

Historic U.S. Highways (Casey Cooper).

Casey's page provides some of the most detailed information about old U.S. highways in California, including U.S. 80, 395, and 101.

Abandoned Sections of California U.S. 6 and 99 (Mike Ballard).

This page is a great photo gallery related to U.S. 6 and U.S. 99 in California. Mike has some interesting and unique pictures of the various routes the two highways took near Santa Clarita and elsewhere.

Historic Highways of Northern California (Joel Windmiller).

This site has pictures from Northern California's Historic U.S. Highways.

Unused Interstate 95 in Massachusetts (Neil Kelly).

pictures of the never-used roadway for Interstate 95 in Canton, MA (just south of Boston)

Breezewood in the Fall (Adam Prince/Bernie Newman).

Old Breezewood Interchange, PA Turnpike and Ray's Hill Tunnel in Breezewood, PA.

Virginia Highway Tidbits (David Thompson).

Pictures of various abandoned concrete bridges along old sections of U.S. 1 south of Fredericksburg and Virginia 3 near King George.

U.S. 25E at Cumberland Gap (Robert V. Droz).

Pictures of U.S. 25E's former route over Cumberland Gap, the Tri-State Trail.

Houston's Cancelled Freeways (Erik Slotboom).

Very informative page covering several abandoned freeway proposals in the Metro Houston area. The page covering the defunct Harrisburg Freeway connecting U.S. 59 and downtown with Interstate 610 on the southeast part of the belt is especially interesting. There is a great photo of the abandoned roadway at the stub end of Texas 225.

Abandoned Autobahns of Poland (Jaroslaw Popwicz).

Intriguing look at pre World War II based autobahns throughout western Poland. Site includes background, photos, and maps.

Marty Blaise's Lost Highways

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