Alabama & Mississippi Back Roads Bridges

Photos & Vidcaps taken by Jared Rainer 2003

Bronson Bridge - Savoy, Mississippi

The Bronson Bridge constitutes a narrow pony truss bridge in rural Savoy, Mississippi. The span links U.S. 11 and Valley Road via Bronson Road. Large signs posted at the bridge approaches indicate "Bridge is CLOSED to all commercial trucks and any type of heavy load". A tree fell on one side of this bridge and damaged it severely. In fact, extra support beams under the bridge have been added to reinforce the span itself. Built in 1905, the bridge continues to in service given the poor structural integrity.

Approaching the Bronson Bridge from the east. Note the truck restriction sign posted to the right of the bridge beginning. Photo taken by Jared Rainer.
View of the creek below and side profile of the pony truss bridge. Photo taken by Jared Rainer.

Payneville Bridge Road - Sumter County, Alabama

Payneville Bridge Road represents a dirt road between Sumter County 12 and York Road (Sumter County 19) in rural west Sumter County. The bridge itself composes a narrow truss with a wooden deck. It is currently closed awaiting repair or replacement.

Traveling southward onto the Payneville Road Bridge. A narrow truss span and weakening wooden deck set the tone for this span. Vidcap taken by Jared Rainer.
A rather steep grade is found at the northbound approach to the truss bridge. Vidcap taken by Jared Rainer.
The roadbed and bridge parts are in shambles at the north end of the bridge. Vidcap taken by Jared Rainer.

Whiskey Road Bridge - Sumter County, Alabama

A wooden bridge with no guard rails comprises the Whiskey Road Bridge. The removal of the sides occurred in the 1950s to allow wide farm equipment to traverse the bridge. The roadway itself connects Sumter County 12 at Payneville, Alabama with Seth Bobb Road in Lauderdale County, Mississippi. Whiskey Road was originally known as Wheeler Road in Mississippi.

Several views of the wooden bridge deck and supports. This span crosses the same creek that the Payneville Road Bridge crosses to the east. Vidcap taken by Jared Rainer.

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