Abandoned Bridge

Photos taken by Lee Caudill 01/2004

An original truss bridge of Kentucky 72 exists between the towns of Harlan and Baxter, in mountainous Harlan County, Kentucky. The alignment is superceded by modern highways for U.S. 119 and 421 nearby.

Depicted in this photograph is the metal placard indicating the date in which the bridge was constructed and by what company. Most bridges constructed during this period see similar proclamation signs affixed to the span itself. The Kentucky 72 sign reveals that Vincennes Bridge Co., of Vincennes, Indiana, is responsible for the creation of this 1924 span. Photo taken by Lee Caudill.
Peering northward through the superstructure of the decaying span. U.S. 119 is visible in the background through the community of Baxter. Photo taken by Lee Caudill.
A closer inspection reveals the overtaking of the bridge deck by the elements, mainly moss in this case. Photo taken by Lee Caudill.
The side profile of the abandoned Kentucky 72 span as seen from U.S. 421 northbound. U.S. 421 merges with U.S. 119 to the northeast of this bridge. The two highways travel northeast briefly together before parting ways. The U.S. 119 crossing of the waterway to the left replaces the Kentucky 72 alignment. Photo taken by Lee Caudill.

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