Abandoned Railroad Bridge near Lewisburg

Vidcaps taken by Alex Nitzman/Cary B. Todd 12/23/93

This abandoned truss bridge was just north of the current Pennsylvania 45 crossing. The bridge crosses the Susquehanna River and connects the towns of Lewisburg and Montandon in the northern Susquehanna Valley of north-central Pennsylvania. Since this video is over 6 years old, it's possible that the structure may have been removed...

Nate Hafer writes on 11/27/00:
The crossing that you have pictures of is actually an abandoned railroad crossing, not an automobile crossing. When the new bridge (your pictures are taken from this bridge) was constructed in the mid 80's, the old truss bridge that crossed the river was torn down. For some reason, the railroad bridge has never been torn down, and remains standing today, even though it is in serious disrepair and hasn't been used for a number of years.

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