Femrite Drive - Monona, Wisconsin

All photos taken in May 2001 by Jon Enslin

Femrite Drive is the original routing of U.S. 12/18 into Monona, Wisconsin (a southeast suburb of Madison). It is currently about a 5.5-mile road leading from the current U.S. 12/18 expressway southeast of Madison, to Monona Drive. (It is cut into two by Stoughton Road (U.S. 51) however.) Femrite also carried U.S. 51 for a short stretch. Within the first decade of the U.S. highway system, U.S. 12/18 and U.S. 51 were moved off of Femrite and onto Broadway where U.S. 51 met Monona Drive. (U.S. 51 was later moved to an extended Stoughton Road.) U.S. 12/18 was moved from Broadway to the Beltline Highway in the late 1980s.

The following map shows the alignment of Femrite Road, and the location of the following six pictures.
This is looking east. The current U.S. 12/18 expressway is to the right. The original routing of U.S. 12/18 paralled the telephone polls and onto Femrite Drive which extends behind me.
This gives you an idea of what Femrite Drive looks like now - a typical rural road.
This is where Femrite goes underneath Interstate 39/90.
This is looking eastbound at the shorter, more urban section of Femrite Drive. U.S. 51 came in from Stoughton Road (which runs in front of the white building in the background) and joined U.S. 12/18 across the ROW evident in the picture.
This is looking the other direction from the same point. At one point in time, this street carried U.S. 12/18 and 51.
This is the current point where Femrite meets Monona Drive. U.S. 12/18 and 51 turned right (north) at this point. (John is looking west here.)

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