U.S. Highway 24 - Missouri

Photo taken by Tim White (11/07/01)

An old alignment of U.S. 24 runs parallel to the Missouri river between the towns of Wellington and Lexington, Missouri. The current U.S. 24 is situated to the south of this alignment, bypassing both of the towns. With the new alignment, old U.S. 24 was renumbered Missouri 224.

This photograph shows an old one lane truss bridge just east of Wellington, Missouri. The old U.S. 24 alignment was Business U.S. 24 before rechristened Missouri 224.
This photo was taken from Missouri 224 (Old U.S. 24). What you see in the photo is Missouri 13 crossing the Missouri River and intersecting with Missouri 224 from the north. This intersection approximately a one-half mile or so west of Lexington, Missouri.
This is Missouri 13 South/Missouri 224 East east of the intersection mentioned above, approaching Lexington, Missouri. This section of highway is not an overpass despite the presence of the concrete guardrails on both sides of the highway on this curve.
This photo shows Missouri 13 South/Missouri 224 East in Lexington (Main Street).

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