U.S. Highway 40 - Maryland

These photographs from two stretches of old US 40 in Western Maryland were contributed by Keith Aaron in May 2004.

Old US 40 Stone Arch Bridge
40-aban Aerial view showing abandoned US 40 bridge and roadway near the community of Wilson, Maryland about five miles west of Hagerstown.
40-aban Inscription on bridge: "Built By Silas Harry 1819; 7 miles to Hagerstown; 60 miles to Cumberland; Restored by LeRoy E. Myers 1984"
40-aban Abandoned US 40 stone arch bridge.
40-aban Abandoned US 40 stone arch bridge.
40-aban An abandoned section of US 40 serves as a driveway above the stone bridge.
Abandoned section of US 40 near Hancock, Maryland
40-aban Signage on Interstate 70 is visible from this section of old US 40.
40-aban Interstate 70 is on the left of this shot, and the Interstate 68 Sideling Hill cut is visible in the distance.
40-aban Derelict barn along old US 40.

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