U.S. Highway 41 - Near Boswell, Indiana

All photos taken in May 2001 by Jon Enslin

U.S. 41 was bypassed around Boswell, Indiana, in 1977. U.S. 41 was a four-lane expressway up to and past Boswell, but narrowed to a two-lane roadway through Boswell. Both north and south of Boswell, a significant portion of the previous road has not been removed.

This is looking north on the abondoned section of roadway. Boswell is behind me. If you look carefully in the background, you can see that the southbound lane of the current four lane expressway was the original ROW at this point. (The original ROW is pretty easy to pick out and jumps from the north to sound bound side throughout the four-lane section between Chicago and Indiana 63.)
This is looking south into Boswell at the same point as above. The road leading to the left is the access road to the current U.S. 41 expressway. A local farmer is using the abandoned road for storage.
This is looking south on the south end of Boswell. As you can see, this section retains its lines. You can see the current U.S. 41 if you look carefully on the left of the picture. The original routing went through the bushes and rejoined the southbound lane.

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