U.S. Highway 78 - Itawamba County, Mississippi

All photos taken February 2001 by Matthew Rutland

Portions of this section of highway are still in use as a county road.

This view shows Bankhead Rd in the Dorsey Community. This portion of old U.S. 78, which is only 9 feet wide, was used as the main Highway from 1922 through the 1950s. The new two lane was finished from Memphis to Tupelo, MS and from Dorsey, MS to Birmingham, AL, but not from Tupelo To Dorsey.
Looking at the old Mantachie Creek Bridge in the Dorsey Community. The original bridge washed away during a rain storm in the 1920s. It was replaced with this one. This portion of the road was closed in the 1980s even though this bridge is in excellent condition.

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