Abandoned/Old U.S. 90 - Mississippi

Photos taken 11-28-99 by Alex Nitzman

West of Bay St. Louis, U.S. 90 follows a divided four lane highway between the city and Mississippi 607. From Mississippi 607 west to the Louisiana State line, U.S. 90 is two lanes while traveling through relatively undeveloped bayou. Mississippi 607 however, retains the four lanes through to its junction with Interstate 10.

Throughout a good portion of the stretch of U.S. 90 aforementioned, a two lane road parallels. This roadway, which is old U.S. 90, acts as a frontage road to modern U.S. 90.

A few homes and small business dot the sections of the highway along this stretch. However, one cannot travel the entire stretch without impediment, as some sections are permanently closed. When this occurs, traffic is diverted back to modern U.S. 90 to avoid the closed section.

The economy conditions of southwest Mississippi are very poor. In addition to the old deteriorating highway 90, abandoned motels, gas stations, diners, and even a casino, dot the landscape.

This image takes a look at a creek crossing along the old route paralleling the current four land divided U.S. 90. This view looks westward. According to contributor John Murphey, the span depicted here no longer stands as of 2003. The approaches are now bermed with dirt, and there appears to be no plan to replace the removed bridge. Photo taken by Alex Nitzman.
The view of the old bridge looking north from the banks of the creek. Existing U.S. 90 is to my back. Since these photographs were taken, MDOT barricaded the approaches of old U.S. 90 to this bridge with dirt piles. The 2003 update of course, indicates why this was done. Photo taken by Alex Nitzman.
Looking to the east at the bridge. Notice the piles of dirt and gravel blocking traffic from crossing the span and the various forms of vegetation growing over the bridge and from the bridge itself. Photo taken by Alex Nitzman.

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