U.S. Highway 92 - Florida

Photo taken by Costa (2003)

A segment of original U.S. 92 exists to the north of the current alignment (International Speedway Boulevard) within the Tiger Bay State Recreation Area and Wildlife Management Area. The two lane highway consists of a mixture of concrete and brick roadway as it travels through forested environs. The highway is found between the cities of Daytona Beach and De Land in central Volusia County.

Twin slabbed original U.S. 92 transitions into a road of red bricks in this eastward perspective photograph. The old roadway itself is officially designated Brick Road. Photo taken by Costa.
Brick Road parallels U.S. 92 in a straight fashion in this eastward photograph. The brickway itself is in very good condition given the years since its construction on this stretch. Photo taken by Costa.
Old U.S. 92 jogs northeasterly in this eastbound scene. Concrete and brick clash to form a crumbling hodgepodge of pavement. Some sections of the concrete are several inches higher than the adjacent bricks. Thus this decaying roadway is a threat not only to your tires, but also for oncoming traffic hazards. Photo taken by Costa.
The intersection of original U.S. 92 with Center Road. The bricks appear to discontinue here, however the fill dirt ahead may conceal the bricks below. Photo taken by Costa.
The roadway narrows and takes on a four-wheel drive only state of existance east of Center Road. Photo taken by Costa.
A carved "Brick Rd" sign posted at the intersection of Center Road. Photo taken by Costa.
Looking west at mainline U.S. 92. Here is where four types of concrete meet/end/begin. The bricks/brown smooth concrete of Old Brick Road, old type slab to connect U.S. 92 to its ancestor, and the 'newer' type of slab roadway that is bumpier and usually found in the inner cities here in Florida (housing current U.S. 92). Photo taken by Costa.

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